I Saw the Devil on Parliament Hill

By Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is the author of two books, Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity and Lockdown with the Devil. He is a full-time journalist for LifeSiteNews and has a growing YouTube channel where he hosts The Kennedy Report. He is married with four children and lives in Ontario, Canada. You can find his work at thekennedyreport.com.


With providential timing, the Canadian March for Life took place on Thursday, May 12, a mere week after the bombshell leak of the impending Roe v. Wade overturning. 

Within short order of the leak, Prime Minister Trudeau was up to his old habits of letting his apostasy shine forth by promising to up his support of ending the lives of baby humans in the womb. Although our two great nations are currently separated by the Covid Curtain, the palpability of the pro-life moment in the south has been felt here like a shockwave.

Liberal pundits have been losing their minds on TV, and purple-haired feminists have been shrieking in the streets, well, because that is what they tend to do.

It was actually perfect timing that the Canadian March for Life would take place with so much media coverage surrounding the abortion issue, as it emboldened the resolve of both the pro and anti-life sides of the debate.

Last year, the march was small and took place under one of our many undulating lockdowns. There were, perhaps, one to two thousand of us in Ottawa in 2021, and the center of Ottawa was a ghost town. You see, most of the people who live and work in downtown Ottawa work for the government, so they were entering year two of their Zoom vacation.

However, this year the energy in Ottawa was completely different. The city was buzzing, the patios were full, and people were primed and ready for an event.

Estimates say that between six to eight thousand pro-lifers showed up to march, which is not as big as the biggest events, which have had ten thousand. Keep in mind that most pro-lifers aren’t jabbed with Trudeau’s favorite medicine, which means they cannot get on a train or a plane and do those things that people with civil rights like to do. Canada is a massive nation, and, in years past, there have been tons of people who would fly in for the march, which was impossible this year.

I was there reporting for LifeSiteNews, and I interviewed a host of people who, like me, drove a day or more to get to Ottawa in order to support unborn children.

I also interviewed people who do not hold the same views as me.

As I mentioned, after two years of lockdowns, the City of Ottawa—the former home of Freedom Convoy Nation—was primed for a show. 

Hoards of anti-life pro-aborts showed up to drown out the peaceful and prayerful pro-life rally on the Hill. 

In reality, the pro-life crowd probably outnumbered the pro-death crowd by about 10-1. However, we might say that the Roe v. Wade disciples were legion.

The police had them corralled behind a gated area, and it was the ugliest and most disgusting mass of humanity I have ever seen in my life. Of course, it is a tragedy that souls made in the image and likeness of God could descend to such a dreadful state, but there was a sulfuric putrification that emanated from the crowd. 

At one point, the angry mob breached the gates and got closer to the pro-life crowd. The Gates of Hell might not prevail against the Church, but they came eerily close to prevailing on Parliament Hill.

Topless men/women? with breasts and beards screeched like the demonically possessed, and groups of troubled women wore those utterly stupid Handmaid’s Tale costumes during a Spring heat wave.

I have never heard screams so loud, and I work from home with four children six years old and under. 

The faculty of reason was also greatly lacking on the pro-death side. One woman had a sign that said: “Even corpses get to decide what to do with their bodies.”

I believe she was trying to insinuate that when someone dies with instructions to donate their organs this means they demonstrate some sort of bodily sovereignty post-mortem. This is true…but they make that decision before they die, thus when they are an alive person…not a dead one.

The other side of her sign said: “No forced births like no forced blood donations.” 

Come to think of it, it may be the case that my bosses sent me there to fight the temptation to drink.

The contrast between the two sides was incredible, and it could be seen by passersby who were revolted by the bearded ladies and circus freaks shrieking about babies as “parasites.” To be honest, I think if we encouraged pro-abortion supporters to preach their demonic religion in public, the general public would be so repulsed that they would join the pro-life movement just to have the screaming hoards be quiet.

The only way to describe the pro-death side would be to describe it as demonic or diabolical, and this would not be metaphorical. One woman even told my boss, John-Henry Westen, that her reasons for supporting abortion were “spiritual,” which complemented the idiot wearing a rainbow mask while waving a pentagram flag and yelling “hail Satan.”

Those who have attended the Canadian March for years told me this might have been the craziest thing they have seen, as usual, the pro-death crowd is not so overtly satanic. 

Personally, I believe it is a great thing that a demonized hoard showed up to have a tantrum that day. There is no more pretending that abortion is ultimately about a woman’s right—it is about satisfying demons and damning souls.

It is hard to make sense of what I saw in Ottawa, but I can truly say that I saw the Devil on Parliament Hill.