Members’ Duties

Active membership is open to all Catholic men and women. Those over 18 years of age are in Senior Praesidia, and those under 18 are in Junior Praesidia.

Duties of Active Membership

1. Attendance at a weekly meeting of the Praesidium
2. Daily recitation of the Catena (Magnificat)
3. The performance of a substantial assigned apostolic work weekly
4. An obligation to respect the confidential nature of many matters learned in connection with the Legionary work

Duties of Auxiliary Membership

1. The daily recitation of the Rosary
2. The daily recitation of the prayers contained in the Tessera (Legion prayer leaflet)

In addition to the ordinary Auxiliary membership, there is a higher degree of Auxiliary membership called an Adjutorian.
Adjutorian duties include
1. Daily Mass and daily Holy Communion
2. Daily recitation of an Office approved by the Church, especially the Divine
Office or a substantial part of it. (for example, Morning and Evening
Prayer) A shorter breviary containing these Hours with Night Prayer has
been approved for use.